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International Forwarders and Customs Representatives

  • Specialists in air transport
  • Specialists in maritime transport
  • Specialists in tank containers & flexitanks
  • We are customs officers and customs representatives
  • We are AEO
  • Specialists in project cargo
  • Specialists in land transport

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We accompany you in the management process of the logistic projects. Because MPG Logistics has a wide experience in the design of transport strategies, always offering the easiest, quick and more economical solution.


Maritime transport

MPG is one of the Forwarders in search of increasing national and international presence. That’s why we have a network with a sustained global reach and presence, so that we can attend any demand.

Our goal is to offer personalized solutions to meet specific demands.

Our relationships and agreements with the main shipping companies allow us to offer a list of the main carriers that cover all the ports, as well as improved transit times, flexible working hours and space protection agreements.

MPG can offer a wide range of maritime freight services, for full container load (FCL) and for less container load (LCL)

We are the best partner in your supply chain, or at least in part of it. Our services include:

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FCL (Full Container Load)

Our experienced team in Maritime Transport provides professional support and customized solutions. We have preferential agreements with the main shipping companies. We guarantee the arrival of your cargo taking care of it and optimizing the operation costs.

Our mission: Support, Confidence, Security and Commitment, managing the cost control.

The main elements of our FCL service:

  • Freight Management Service.
  • Customized service solutions.
  • Door-to-Door services.

Container size table

LCL (Less than Container Load)

We offer a door to door service at a very competitive price for the less container load (LCL), offering real, competitive transit times and reliable schedules.

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We transport any type of goods from any origin to any destination, managing from our offices triangular operations thanks to our department of professionals who are dedicated to these operations.

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The Project management requires profound knowledge of the sector, as well as constant monitoring done by highly qualified staff.

MPG offers the following services in which we have a wide experience:

  • Handling of heavy and over-sized parts.
  • Special transports and route studies both in origin and destination.
  • Management of special transport authorizations.
  • Port operations.
  • Chartering vessels and cargo planes.

Our client portfolio includes between others, the following sectors:

  1. EPC
  2. Energies: electric power, wind energy, solar energy, hydraulic energy, solar thermal energy.
  3. Infrastructure projects.
  4. Petrochemistry.
  5. Mining.
  6. Off shore platforms.
  7. Hotel chains / Resorts.
  8. Retail.
  9. Exhibitions.
  10. Aeronautics.
  11. Turn – key projects.
  12. Event logistics (Musical performances, Concerts).


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Air transport

We design air transport solutions to give a greater smoothness in the global supply chain of our clients.

We easily adapt to the agreed time of delivery and volume of goods, needed by our clients, assuring at the same time:

  • Perfect traceability of the shipments.
  • Compliance with the delivery commitments.
  • Best solution cost/service

MPG is one of the biggest suppliers of cargo air transportation, with an extensive network of representatives around the world, offering a complete, comprehensive and high quality global service, added value services and specialized products.

As an accredited IATA agent, we offer our services to all the airports in the world.

We are highly specialized in the management and transport of special cargo, oversized cargo and dangerous goods. Our technical support team provides the tools and support needed so that the merchandise is correctly transported and arrives at the requested time.

MPG, in compliance with the national and European regulation regarding the National Security Plan, is a Regulated Agent by the appropriate authority. We can organize your air shipments in a secure way, with consequent savings in time and money.

MPG can offer chartered aircraft services, to and from any airport worldwide.

Our team includes professionals that are specialized in dangerous goods (DGR), so we can advise how best to transport your DGR shipments, both on commercial flights and cargo flights.


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Bulk Cargo

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Tank Containers

MPG Logistics, is the exclusive agent of Newport (isotanks operator), in Spain and Portugal. We offer high quality “logistical solutions” for special products such as:

  • Liquid Bulk Shipping
  • Food Grade Shipping
  • Chemical Shipping.
  • Hazardous Material Transportation.
  • We offer differentiated services: chemicals and foodstuffs.
  • Our highly qualified technical team is specialist in both chemical and food products.
  • We have depots specialized in tank containers, with washing site, where periodic revisions are carried out.




A flexitank is a system for distributing and storing a high capacity of bulk liquid products in a high resistance flexible tank which is placed inside the containers, mostly of 20’ which are convenient for the sea and land transportation.

  • There are different capacities, but the most common ones vary between 16.000 and 24.000 litres, depending on the density of the products.
  • It has a bag that guarantees product safety during the transport without altering its quality. One of the main advantages of the flexitank is that the space is optimized.
  • It can be filled and emptied easily and quickly, ensuring that no residue sticks to it. Furthermore, the flexitanks are “comfortable” when it comes to transporting and are environmentally friendly.
  • They are used for both food products such as oil, wine, or concentrated fruit juices and non- food items such us fertilizers, lubricants or inks.

Advantages of the Flexitank:

  • Simple, secure and economic.
  • Fast filling and emptying.
  • Efficient usage of space.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • There is no risk of contamination of the products inside.
  • The transport cost is lowered.
  • Low storage costs of the empty tanks.
  • Covered and insured by the manufacturer’s warranty.


Comparative effectiveness in a container of 20′
Flexitank IBC
Number of units 1 20
Unit capacity 24.000 litres 1.000 litres
Total capacity 24.000 litres 20.000 litres
Filling time 1 hour 2 hours
Required workers 2 3+
Workspace Low Average


Main products transported in Flexitanks
Vegetable oils Animal oils
Wine Water
Juices Latex
Additives UCO
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Land transport

  • National and international transportation of full container loads.
  • National and international transportation of consolidated cargo loads.
  • Special transports /over-sized.
  • Road transport (Copitrans and Badalonesa).
    (Copitrans y Badalonesa)

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As Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), MPG Logistics offers consulting and management services for the accomplishment of export and import formalities in any country in the world.

Our services:

  • Import and export customs clearance, either by sea, air or land.
  • Advice, consulting.
  • Special Customs regimes: Temporary imports, inward processing arrangements, etc.
  • Assistance for obtaining, certificates, permits and licenses to export and import.
  • Transits in general.
  • Assistance anytime including face to face during goods inspections.
  • Specialists in perishable goods
  • Customs Warehousing / warehousing arrangements other than customs warehousing.
  • INTRASTAT declarations.

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Other services


For more information about Gesamar click on the following link.

Foreign Trade Advisory Services

Storage and Distribution

For more information about Carmar click on the following link.

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Useful links


Visit web ATEIA

SOLAS Regulation

New regulation about VGM or verified gross weight (24/06/16)

Solas Regulation Download VGM Form

Tax Agency (AEAT)

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Foreign Exchange

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MPG Logistic belongs to the business group Pérez&Cía which was founded in 1853 and nowadays is one of the largest shipping and logistics networks in Spain, covering the ports in the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands. Its headquarters are in Madrid and owns 20 offices in the main ports. Also owns local subagents in many small and medium ports in Spain, which allows to offer the clients a wider geographical coverage.

The expansion in The Americas since 1979 proves the international service vocation, mainly concentrated in the Caribbean and with presence also in Colombia and Panama.

We provide global support services in the shipping and logistics industries in a professional, efficient and environmentally friendly way, covering the entire supply chain.

In MPG Logistic we provide global coverage in the supply chain

More than 20 years of experience

MPG has more than 20 years of experience, by your side, in all the activities related to customs management, air, sea and land shipments and tank containers, providing the logistics solution that best adapts to the needs of each customer.

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Te acompañamos en todo el proceso de gestión de tus proyectos de logística. Porque en MPG Logistics contamos con una amplia experiencia en el diseño de estrategias de transporte de gran volumen, así como para mercancías complejas, ofreciéndote siempre la solución más sencilla, rápida y económica.

Una asistencia global, para un mercado internacional, pero hablando siempre en primera persona. La cercanía y accesibilidad de nuestros profesionales forma parte de nuestra filosofía de trabajo desde nuestros orígenes, lo cuál nos permite controlar y verificar el estado de tu proyecto en todo momento.

30 años de experiencia

En MPG contamos con 30 años de experiencia, a tu lado, en todas las labores vinculadas a la Gestión de Aduanas, Cargas Aéreas, Marítimas, Terrestres y Tank Container, dándote la solución logística que más se adecue a ti y tus necesidades.

Junto a ti en todo el proceso de gestión de tus proyectos logísticos



We are a team of young people with commitment towards work and with great experience and expertise. The professionals on the team have a long record in unique projects and are experts on the whole logistics chain.

The way we work allow us to monitor and take care of every single detail. Those small details that become crucial factors in the market where you operate, result to be the global market

We know that the needs change and we adapt to them, because we care about you, so that you can focus on developing your business.

9 own offices

We operate directly in our 9 offices, 6 of them in Spain (Barcelona-Valencia-Madrid-Bilbao-Las Palmas and Tenerife) and 3 in the Caribbean (Colombia, Cuba and Dominican Republic). Over 70 professionals work in our own network around the world.

Passion and experience in the management of your logistical projects